quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2016

Dia Internacional da Mulher e Jovens Cientistas na Ciência Antártica | International Day of Women and Girls in Antarctic Science

Hoje é um dia muito importante. 11 de Fevereiro é o dia internacional das Mulheres e jovens cientistas na ciência (Internacional Day of Women and Girls in Science). O objetivo principal desta iniciativa é relembrar a comunidade cientifica da Antártida da importância de muitas mulheres e jovens cientistas, quer no passado quer no presente. 


Haverá um evento que terá lugar na Conferência de Ciência do Comité Cientifico para a Investigação Antártica (SCAR), em Kuala Lumpur (Malásia) a 23 Agosto 2016. Para nomear uma mulher ou uma jovem cientista que trabalhe na Antártida, e/ou obter mais informações, até 15 Abril 2016, é só ir a http://www.scar.org/women/nominate ou contatar as colegas Jan Strugnell (J.Strugnell@latrobe.edu.au) ou Jenny Baeseman (jbaeseman@gmail.com) (mais detalhes, em inglês, baixo)


Today is a very important Day. February 11 is the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and we are using this occasion to remind the Antarctic research community to nominate influential female Antarctic researchers and those involved in supporting research, both past and present, to potentially be included in our Wikibomb* event held in conjunction with the SCAR Open Science Conference in Kuala Lumpur on 23 August. Instructions for nominations can be found here: http://www.scar.org/women/nominate

This event will be a celebration of Women in the Antarctic by raising their profile to help provide more visible female role models for early career scientists and girls around the world.


For more information on the Wikibomb event and to nominate an outstanding Antarctic Woman, visit http://www.scar.org/outreach/women. Nominations should be submitted before 15 April. Please spread this information widely and use the #AntarcticWomen to help share our community effort.

We are also looking for volunteers that would like to help to put together short biographies for these amazing women and create their wikipages before the SCAR conference. The SCAR Community will help provide the content for the biographies. No previous experience with Wikipedia is necessary, SCAR will provide training, but it’s pretty straightforward.

If you are interested, please contact Jan Strugnell at J.Strugnell@latrobe.edu.au or Jenny Baeseman at: jbaeseman@gmail.com

Happy celebrations!

 Jose Xavier & Jose Seco

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